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 There is a Need

Many organizations come and go; some are run by passionate volunteers who love softball. However, they are limited to a part time commitment due to managing a full time job. Some focus on only one or two are groups at a time. This pulls players in different directions developmentally as they jump from team to team.

Synergy offers Fort Wayne a consistent direction for softball development. Today’s athletes are bigger, faster, and stronger than ever before. But, if they are not advised appropriately they will end up with limited or no opportunities to play at the next level. The cast majority of players do not realize (or believe) how few spots are available to play in college or the sacrifice required to make it to that level.

Mission Statement

Synergy strives to develop a complete year round softball environment that is essential to educate youth players of all levels. In order to achieve this, the academy focuses on educating the correct technical, tactical, psychological, and physical traits essential to help players reach their maximum potential. Aided by passionate, enthusiastic, experienced, and dedicated coaches all under one philosophy, our objective is to provide every player the opportunity to develop softball skills and valuable life skills such as discipline, sportsmanship,and teamwork. This objective is accomplished by integrating a sports organization of experienced full time staff members (The Plex) that manages the clubs operations and assist in the hiring of coaches. This allows coaches to separate themselves from administrative duties to focus on what they do best, coaching softball.


We strive to create the right environment to develop the player as a whole. By Focusing on developing in stages players can maximize individual and team development throughout their youth career. Players will be placed in situations that are challenging and demanding in order to foster this development.


We Offer:

     +A consistent and competitive training environment that is demanding, challenging, motivating, and enjoyable with game-like situations.

     +Access to top training facilities at the Plex all year round.

     +A direct feeder system of players from age 6-18; this allows a true recreation program that feeds into higher level programs to maintain a balance of players involved in the club. Players will develop at a pace and level they are best suited for and most comfortable in.

     +Quality training to help guide, direct, and assist players through their youth careers from coaches who have a comprehensive understanding of the game and how to teach it.

     +A comprehensive student-athlete development program that offers tools and on-going educational resources from national experts to prepare kids for college recruitment, correct nutrition and college preparation.

     +Tuition rewards program that guarantees $1,000 per year, per player to be used towards select schools tuition.

     +Ideal game environment that is age and ability appropriate against teams that will push players in individual skills and teamwork.

     +Fees that are fair and affordable and a scholarship program available for eligible players.



ACES Rewards


  • Home Field
  • $1,000 College Scholarship
  • Winter Indoor League
  • Year Round Practice Facility
  • Competitive Developmental Environment
  • Spring/Summer Tournaments
  • Plex Membership
  • Batting Cages

By being a member of Synergy

Each Synergy player will be entered in the ACES Reward program which is the most, an arguably the only, comprehensive student-athlete development program ever created. It provides an on-going educational resource from national experts, tools for players, parents and coaches to use to improve development, a complete college recruiting system and actual private college scholarships for all eligible participants.

Instead of playing sports to maybe get a scholarship, what if you get a scholarship just for playing?..even if you are 5 years old? As a Synergy player and an Aces Nation member players are provided $1,000.00 increments per year in the form of a college tuition discount, which is accepted within a network of private universities throughout the country.

For more Information Contact:
Andrew Reynolds (260)496-9999 ext.307