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United Cadets Parent Volunteers

United Cadets – Parent Volunteers

Cadet parent coaches’ expectations will observe training sessions with our Technical Directors

Expectations on Game Days:

  1. Help with organizing team members before games
  2. Oversee subbing players
  3. Make sure every player gets EQUAL playing time.
  4. Follow Cadet game day philosophy (In packet)
  5. Meets kids before games and prepares them for their game- make sure they have shin guards, correct color, not wearing jewelry.
  6. Takes attendance
  7. Organize weekly snacks with other parents
  8. Practice sportsmanship

Cadet Team Managers

  1. Must complete a background check
  2. Must be available for ALL training and games.
  3. MUST attend MANDATORY parents meeting prior to start of the session.
  4. Will receive 50% off registration