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COVID-19 Response

Health/Safety Information for Indoor Play - February, 2021

Winter 2021 COVID Policies


The following information is being provided as a guide for understanding the latest COVID  policies and procedures at The Plex Sports facilities. As the state of Indiana provides new  directives, we must adjust and set a new course. Many of the items listed below remain largely  as they were in October. There are, however, a couple of crucial updates and policies that we  want to make clear. These temporary restrictions are as follows

  • Only parents and/or guardians and underage siblings of participants will be permitted to attend. We are asking that only two spectators per player be in attendance (not including underage siblings). Please respect this limit. 

  • EVERYONE entering the building MUST wear a mask. No exceptions. Again, please help us by not  putting our staff in an awkward position. We will be enforcing this policy.

Indiana Regulations

According to the State of Indiana, Indoor and outdoor venues of all types may open with capacity restrictions. The following are regulations that must be  followed upon entering either Plex facility.

  • FACE COVERINGS MUST BE WORN upon entering the building for the duration of the visit for  anyone not participating in a program (spectators). Exceptions will only be made for those with  an official medical reason for being exempt, please bring the doctor's note with you if you have an exemption. Players will not be required to wear masks while actively playing in games or at training sessions, but must wear them to and from the field. 

  • Social distancing of at least 6 feet is required among non-household members. Please pay  attention to special markings on the floors (concessions areas) and on bleachers or other seating  areas. Kindly observe all directions from posted signs as well as from Plex Staff. These are all in place to ensure the well-being of players, coaches and spectators.

We are fully aware there are differing opinions on the use of face coverings. However,  we kindly ask that you respect our staff by following the posted guidelines. This is a  difficult time for businesses who must strike a balance between following all state and  local guidelines and attempting to keep customers happy. It is not our position to take any type of political stand. We merely want to provide all who walk through our doors  with the best possible experience while keeping your health and safety at the forefront.

Player/Referee Information

Players should follow the same policies as defined for guests when entering either Plex facility or when not actively engaging in a program (i.e. using restrooms, etc.). However,  upon entering the field of play for games, training or clinics, the following will apply: 

  • Masks should be worn when not on the field of play if social distancing is not feasible on the sideline. 
  • Referees must wear masks to and from the fields. 
  • Players may not share water bottles or drink containers, even within their own family.
  • There should be no physical contact between coaches, players or referees during or  after the game. This includes celebrations such as “high fives”. 
  • No sharing of training vests. Players should have their own. Otherwise, if the coach  distributes, after a single player wears the vest, it must be put aside so another player  does not use it. Training vests will be washed daily. 
  • Remain socially distanced from coach and players on the sideline, when feasible.
  • Training equipment will be sanitized regularly (balls, pinnies, cones, etc.).
  • Only referees should touch scoreboards to update scores or stop time.

Guest Information

We need the help of all Plex families and fans to maintain a healthy environment and  keep programs running smoothly. In addition to wearing face coverings and social distancing, please observe the following: 

  • Stay home if you are not feeling well or have been exposed to anyone who has tested positive recently. 

  • Opt for online registration whenever possible. 

  • Call to make payments for team fees over the phone (496-9999 x0).

  • Update your player card PRIOR to the session beginning. This will alleviate heavy traffic on the first day of play. 

  • We are asking that two spectators be in attendance per player (not including underage siblings). Please respect this limit.

  • Keep in mind that people 65 and older or have an underlying condition are at an  increased risk of having serious complications from catching COVID. Refrain from  asking family/friends in that age group to be spectators. Let’s keep them safe. 

  • Spectators and players should arrive at the facility no more than 10 minutes before the game or training is scheduled to begin.

Plex Employees

  • Staff & Volunteer Screening – Staff who do not feel well or exhibit any COVID-19  symptoms are not allowed on the premises. Likewise, if they have a known exposure to anyone who has tested positive, they are asked to inform our administration and will be  subject to a mandatory quarantine period. 

  • Face Coverings – Plex staff, including facility managers and retail employees, will wear  masks at all times while indoors. 

  • Increased Sanitation – Enhanced cleaning procedures have been put in place. These  include the frequency of sanitizing surfaces where customers frequent (i.e. restrooms,  door handles, etc.). Sanitizing kits are placed in multiple locations throughout the facility  and will be utilized by staff members on duty throughout the evenings/weekends.



  • Masks must be worn by employees and customers not on the fields 

  • 6 Foot spacing between customers at concessions 

  • Extra attention to wiping down door handles, bleachers and tables 

  • Hand Sanitizer Stations 

  • Wipe down bleachers before and after shift 

  • Temperature Checks for applicable programs 

  • Sanitization kits for refs to clean soccer ball and bench section door handles


  • Masks must be worn by employees and customers not on the fields 

  • 6 Foot spacing between customers at concessions 

  • Extra attention to wiping down door handles, tables and seating areas

    • Wipe down Bats and Helmets after use in batting cages 

  • Hand Sanitizer Stations 

  • Wipe down bleachers before and after shift 

  • Temperature Checks for applicable programs 

  • Benches not used for United games 

  • Cones or other markers to show six feet separation from other players

  • Sanitization kits for refs to clean soccer balls after each game