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Fall Adult Soccer Leagues

Fall League Information & Registration

  • Register as an Individual - If you want to get in the game, but don't have a team, just register as an individual and we will place you on a team!
  • With a few friends - If you have some friends you want to play with, but not enough to form your own team, just sign up as an individual and in the "comments" section of your registration put the name of the other player you would like to play with and we will put you all on the same team!
  • Sign up a full team- If you’ve pulled together a team and are ready to hit the field, complete the registration form for the league of your choice by clicking the "Register Online" button to the right of the page.
League Start Date Online Registration
Plex North Adult Coed C Indoor Soccer Fall 2023 Monday, September 11, 2023 Register
Plex North Adult Coed D Indoor Soccer Fall 2023 Tuesday, September 5, 2023 Register
Plex North Men's C Indoor Soccer Fall 2023 Thursday, September 7, 2023 Register
Plex North Men's D Indoor Soccer Fall 2023 Wednesday, September 6, 2023 Register
Plex North Women's Indoor Soccer Fall 2023 Friday, September 8, 2023 Register

Fall 2023 Session: September 5 - October 16
Registration Deadline: August 28th

Standard Registration Fee: $690/Team
Individual Registration Fee: $75

Division Days of Play

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Adult Coed B Adult Coed D Men's D Men's C Women's
Adult Coed C

League Levels Guidelines:

*All these are guidelines, based upon individual perspective on their level, and experience. It is very important for all players to be conscious about the level they are signing up for. The director will have the discretion to advise different levels to teams if necessary.

World Cup (A): Top players who have played college, or professional, and are looking for the most competitive atmosphere in the area. Players in this league have played in the MASL, NPSL, USL, and many others have played at top programs in the NCAA D1, D2, and NAIA. (INVITE ONLY). CONTACT DIRECTOR OF LEAGUES FOR ADMISSION.

Semi-pro (B):  Players who have played at a high level such as high school, club/travel, or college but have been away from the game and are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, less competitive than the world cup level, but still have a very high level of play. Similar to the (A) level, a lot of these individuals have played at top college programs and there are a lot of ex/current NPSL players in the league. 

Amateur (C): Players with College experience, high school, and club/travel soccer experience that have been away from the game for a while, but are still looking for competitive experience. Individuals in this league have played recreational soccer in the area for years and/or have played for local college programs in the past. 

  • Any youth “C” teams are not allowed to have any current travel players.
  • Current “C” Divisions will be broken down into East and West based upon levels of play and days of play.

Beginner (D): Designed for players that are getting back into the game and are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere than the (C) level. Players in this league have experience playing recreational soccer in the past and/or have played in high school. 

4Fun: All 4Fun divisions are non-competitive/non-aggressive leagues designed for beginner player, the scores will not be posted, nor they will have a playoff to ensure the non-competitive environment.

League levels may also be sub-categorized, depending on availability of teams, days of play, and levels of teams in league. (Example: Men’s B1, Men’s B2…)

Contact the Director

Rene Sanchez

Director of Leagues

Phone: 260.496.9999