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Hitting Leagues

What are Hitting Leagues?

The Plex South Hitting Leagues consist of teams of 1 or 2 players that compete against each for a 6 week session. Each league will be made up of 4 to 6 teams and play double headers each week. Teams will try to score as many points as possible per inning within a 9 inning game format. Each inning consists of 10 pitches. Out of the 10 pitches, the batter will have 5 connections to score as many points as possible before they are OUT. The goal is to hit balls at targets in the cage to score points. The team with the highest point total at the end of 9 innings is the winner. These leagues are a great way to have fun and stay competitive during the off-season!

Why are Plex Hitting Leagues so unique and fun to compete in?

At The Plex, we have created our hitting leagues to be one of a kind! We spend the extra hours and effort to organize teams and game times, schedule league games and cage assignments. The hitting leagues give players a different environment to improve their hitting skills, under the pressure of a simulated game. Instead of mindless swinging in a batting cage, players will be forced to have a purpose to their hit count by being able to redirect the ball off the bat to hit a target that will reward them a single, double or HOMERUN. This will earn teams points to win the inning and eventually the game. If you are going to practice hitting, hit with a purpose.

Hitting Leagues Information

$100 per player entry fee includes:

  • 6 week league with 5 weeks of regular season play (double header each week)
  • 50 token pass FREE with registration
  • 9 inning games
  • 1 inning is based on 10 pitches (first 5 connections determine point total)
  • Leagues compete on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Sundays (Please provide preference/availability when signing up)
  • 1v1 leagues or grab a friend and sign up together to compete in our 2v2 leagues

Winter 2 Session: January 6 - February 17
Registration Deadline: December 28th


  • 9-10 • Minors • Slow Pitch Speed
  • 11-12 • Majors • Medium Pitch Speed
  • 13-14 • Juniors • Medium & Fast Pitch Speed
  • 15-19 • High School • Fast Pitch Softball & Baseball Fast
  • Adult • Coed • Lob Toss Softball

Contact the Director

Mike Bitler

Director of Baseball/Softball

Phone: 260.496.9999