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Perkville Online Rewards Program

Play More, Earn More
The Plex is all about loyalty and commitment, and to prove that, we have partnered with Perkville to reward our loyal customers. This online reward system is a fun and easy way to earn credits and other rewards for registering in programs or leagues, referring friends, and following us on Facebook and Twitter. Sign up online with the button on the right and start earning points right away.

How it Works
Perkville integrates directly with The Plex. Each time you register for a league or program, or post about The Plex on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll automatically earn points. You can track your points online at Once you earn enough points for FREE rewards, you redeem those points on Perkville and bring in a printed voucher (or show us on your phone) to use as payment.

Perkville is a trusted partner of The Plex, and will never share or use any participant information.

Note: Perkville points cannot be combined from separate accounts.

How Do I Get Started?
Create an account by clicking on the button to the right. Make sure to use the same email account that you use with The Plex.

You’ll earn 50 points just for joining!

Earn Points for Referring Friends
Sign in to your Perkville account and enter your friend’s email address to send them a referral email. When they register for a program at The Plex, they need to use the same email address you used for them. If the address they use matches the address you entered into your Perkville account, you’ll automatically earn points for referring them when they sign up.

Post on Facebook
Share your experience! Tell your friends what you love about The Plex. To earn points, be sure to post through the Perkville website or mobile site, not from your Facebook page!

Questions or Account Inquiries
Email Brandon West:

How to rack up points:

  • Get 50 bonus points just for signing up!
  • Win a Plex League Championship (25 points)
  • Runner up in a Plex league (15 points)
  • Rave about us on Facebook or Twitter (2 points)
  • 1 point for every $1 spent on a Plex program or league
  • 1 point for every time you scan your membership card at check-in (limited to 1 time per 24 hours)
  • Refer a friend* (20 points) *Friend needs to register for a Plex program!

Redeem points for rewards:

  • 75 points: (1) FREE SMALL FOUNTAIN DRINK
  • 75 points: (1) FREE BAG OF POPCORN
  • 200 points: (1) FREE LARGE BUCKET OF BALLS
  • 200 points: 10 FREE BATTING CAGE TOKENS
  • 3500 points: FREE TEAM JERSEY TOP KIT
  • 8000 points: UP TO $600 OFF A TEAM REGISTRATION
  • Much Much More!