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Policies and Procedures

Refund Policy - Wee Bears, United Cadets, DFL, NFL FLag

If you need to cancel (for any reason) prior to the start of the session, we will issue you a credit voucher worth all registration fees paid.  This voucher is good for any Plex youth program registration (valid for one full year). Your credit voucher is only transferable to an immediate family member.  If a cash refund is requested, the following applies:

  • Registrations cancelled before the posted program deadline will receive a refund of the amount paid minus a $10 administrative fee*
  • Registrations cancelled after the program deadline until the day the session begins will receive a 70% refund of the registration fee*
  • Decisions regarding any refund requested after the session has begun will be at the sole discretion of the program director
  • In the case of a natural disaster or pandemic, refunds will be at the discretion of The Plex.

*Any fee charged by our online registration provider is non-refundable

Refund Policy - Team Registrations

  • Teams who wish to cancel their registration PRIOR to the posted deadline date will receive a refund of the total amount paid minus a $10 administrative fee*
  • No refund of any team registration fees paid AFTER the posted deadline date has passed
  • In the case of a natural disaster or pandemic, refunds will be at the discretion of The Plex.

*Any fee charged by our online registration provider is non-refundable

Plex Membership Cards

  • All league players must have a current player membership card. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Player passes are valid for one full year from date of issue.
  • Memberships are $10 and must be renewed yearly.
  • For your convenience, our player cards are in a key chain card format.
  • The card will need to be scanned when entering the facility to play.
  • VERY IMPORTANT!!!! We strongly recommend that players do not wait until the day of their first game to have a card made. There may be a long wait and players may be delayed from beginning their game, or from playing at all. If you do not have a card issued you will not be allowed to play. If your players do come in on the first game to get their player cards, allow up to 45 minutes before game time.

Rostering New Players - Plex Waiver Forms

  • Once a team manager/representative completes a team registration and pays a deposit, each NEW member will need to fill out a “roster waiver form” once per year.
  • Players may download a player waiver form online.
  • If a player is under 18, that player will need to have the waiver form signed by a parent/guardian.
  • This form will grant you the ability to be rostered on a team and play in our leagues. This must be done before stepping out on the field to play (and before the rosters are “frozen”).
  • All new members in a Plex league (U-8 and up) are required to turn in a wavier form and have a Player Card or they will not be allowed to play.
  • Players who currently have a valid membership card and have signed a waiver form within the past year can take advantage of our Speed Registration. It is very simple…. all you need to do is provide your membership card to Plex management. They will scan your card and place you on your team(s) roster. No new forms need to be filled out until your waiver form has expired.

Team Payments

  • Complete payments must be made before playing first game NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • A $50 late fee will be charged to all teams who do not pay by the first game. (Even if your team does not show up for the first game, they will be assessed a $50 late fee which will be enforced the following week)

Team Schedules

  • Retrieve team schedules, stats, rosters and league standings online.
  • Please note: schedules may change based on team requests, division changes, or any other unforeseen issues with the league.
  • Please be sure to check your team’s schedule on a week-to-week basis as schedules are always subject to change.

(Please be aware that some game times may be late at night. The Plex does its best to accommodate all teams interested in playing and may have late games.)

Field Rental Prices & Policies

  • All field rentals must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. 
  • A 50% (non-refundable, transferable up to 6 months) deposit is required at the time of registration.
  • Please contact Nancy Murray to book all rentals
    • 260.496.9999, Ext. 531
  • Plex North Indoor Field Rentals are $100 for the 1st hour and $80 for any additional hour after that.
  • Plex North Outdoor Field Rentals are $25/hour for any standard field and $35/hour for Field 6 (Premium Field)
  • Equipment (Flag Football flag belts, pennies, etc.) is available for a $10 rental fee.
    • An ID, Keys, Wallet or Credit Card must be left for collateral.
  • An Additional Service fee for after hours rentals may apply.


  1. Team coaches are responsible for ensuring that all individuals associated with their teams observe The Plex rules, regulations, and policies.
  2. All team coaches are responsible for all players’ action on their team on and off the playing field. The Plex reserves the right to issue suspensions to the team coaches or team as a result of other player’s actions on their team.
  3. All teams are responsible for the conduct of their spectators. In the event a spectator becomes disruptive during a game, suspensions could be assessed against the specific spectator’s team. Actions by spectators, coaches and/or players may result in match penalties, suspension or termination of a match, and, in some cases, forfeiture of the match and other disciplinary sanctions. Any individual or team may be ordered to leave The Plex property for any reason at any time.
  4. Parents or Legal Guardians are also responsible for their children’s behavior.
  5. The Plex reserves the right to expel any individual or team from ISE property, without refund of registration fees or other monies paid to ISE, for misconduct committed therein.
  6. There is a no tolerance policy for referee dispute. Verbal and/or physical abuse of ISE referees or staff will not be tolerated. ONLY THE COACH of each team is allowed to question calls or conduct for their team. All complaints should be address to the night manager only. A continuation of disturbance toward a ref will result in suspension. (If a team representative would like to critique a referee, there are referee assessment forms located at the kiosk at both facilities that may be filled out.)
  7. Any player deemed to be under the influence of alcohol as determined by The Plex personnel shall be immediately ejected from any game, and subject to more suspensions. No alcohol is allowed to be brought into the Plex facility or on the Plex outdoor property.
  8. Players MAY NOT leave the bench and enter the field during an altercation. This violation is an automatic team suspension. Fans may not enter the field of play for any reason.
  9. The Plex will not tolerate any violent or unsportsmanlike behavior. We reserve the right to take corrective actions against any player or players. OUR PURPOSE IS TO MAKE THIS A FUN, ENJOYABLE, AND ENTERTAINING SPORTING EXPERIENCE PARKING Parking is permitted only in marked areas. Vehicles parked in other areas will be towed away at the owner’s expense. Handicap parking spaces are reserved for vehicles with proper handicap identification. All other vehicles parked in handicap spaces will be towed away at the owner’s expense.


  • Bringing alcohol or tobacco products onto ISE property
  • Bringing gum, candy, food or drink on the field or in the team bench area
  • Bringing glass containers into the team areas
  • Releasing soccer balls on the concourse area (loose balls will be confiscated)
  • Running, kicking or juggling soccer balls; shooting, passin or engaging in similar warm-up activities in the lobby (warm-up exercises are permitted only on the field)
  • Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times

Assumption of Risk

Participants and parents/guardians acknowledge and agree that attending or participating in sports may be hazardous and may result in injury. Participants and parents/guardians acknowledge the Assumption of all risks of injury to themselves and anyone who comes with them to the premises for injury incurred or suffered while upon the premises or as a result of using facilities or equipment.

Cancellation Policy

Outdoor Cancellation

Soccer is an outdoor sport; Still, the safety of players is a prime concern. If the league runs into bad weather the below policies will be in effect. Bad weather can move through Indiana very quickly, therefore, advance notice of weather cancellations is difficult but possible.

If advanced notice of weather cancellations:

  • The Plex staff and soccer director will make a decision on Advanced Cancellation and move the games indoors by 2 pm of the day of the game.
  • Games schedule will move to the predetermined “Rain out schedule”
  • The new game will be moved indoors at the Plex North and South


If Bad weather during game play

  • Visible lightning or audible thunder – at the soccer fields or during soccer play will automatically result in a 30min delay from each strike of lightning or thunder.
  • If there is not enough time to finish the game being played before the next game starts, the game (s) will be cancelled.
  • If the game is cancelled at or passed half time the current score will stand of the game final.
  • If the game is cancelled before halftime the game will result in a final score of 0-0 tie.
  • Subsequent games to be played later that day will be cancelled separately if weather conditions continue and noted in standings as a tie.
  • Once a game is cancelled due to the whether there are no make-up dates due to facility league schedule. However, if ALL games are cancelled on a certain day and no games have been played, efforts will be considered in moving the league completion date back a week to reschedule the game if there is field availability

 “Advance” cancellations/rain out plan: If the soccer director and Plex staff are able to declare a weather cancellation in advance, this determination will be made no later than 2pm on game day. There will be e-mails sent out to team representatives as well as phone calls. The rainout plan is posted on the Plex website.

Indoor Cancellation

If there is bad weather during the winter usually the Plex does not cancel any games unless there is a City wide travel emergency. Should we cancel or close, it will be posted on the website and social media that we are closed.

  • Once a game is cancelled due to the whether there are no make-up dates due to facility league schedule. However, if ALL games are cancelled on a certain day and no games have been played, efforts will be considered in moving the league completion date back a week to reschedule the game if there is field availability


Injuries/Medical Emergencies

It is recommended that managers and coaches carry first aid kits and extra uniforms at each match (a player with a bloody uniform may not be permitted to continue playing). In the event that a parent/guardian cannot be reached in an emergency, The Plex reserves the right to solicit emergency care for an injured player, including paramedic assistance or hospital care, as may be deemed necessary under the circumstances.

Lost and Found Items

The Plex assumes no responsibility for items lost, stolen, or damaged on facility property. Found items are stored inside the kiosk area. Items will be retained for a two week duration. Lost water bottles, socks, towels, and other personal items will not be retained.

Arcade/Vending Machines

The Plex is not responsible for monies lost in arcade games or vending machines.