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Plex Soccer Referee

How to Become a Soccer Referee

There are several steps you need to take if you'd like to referee Plex matches. We'd love to have you, so below you'll find a guide on how to become a soccer referee. 

Step 1. Obtain an Official USSF Referee Badge

All Plex referees must have United States Soccer Federation (USSF) referee Grade 8 (competitive youth soccer) or Grade 9 (small sided and recreational youth soccer) classification.

To obtain an official USSF referee badge, individuals must attend a 7-hour entry level referee clinic and pass the online test with a successful score of 75% or higher. These Clinics are scheduled by leagues, local referee associations or clubs. To locate upcoming referee clinics, review this list of Referee Clinics.  Generally, about 35-40 clinics are held between November and March throughout the state of Indiana.

Individuals 12 years or older may sign up for USSF clinics, but The Plex requires a minimum age of 16 years old to referee at The Plex.

Step 2. Obtain a Plex Badge

In addition to the USSF badge(s), referees at The Plex must also participate in one of its two semiannual certification meetings, during which they learn Plex-specific procedures, rules and regulations. Upon successful completion of this meeting, referees are issued a Plex badge, which must be worn every time a referee oversees a match at The Plex.

Step 3. Get the Uniform and Equipment

The basic uniform for referees is a yellow shirt, black referee shorts, black socks with three stripes and shoes. Though there are several places to buy uniforms, USSF is officially sponsored by Official Sports International. 

In addition to a uniform, referees need a watch with a timer, a whistle, a small book to keep score, a flipping coin, red, yellow, and blue cards and a set of flags. During clinics, instructors share locations where referees can buy all this equipment.

Step 4. Contact an Assignor

Contact Chrsitine Knecht,

Additional Information for Plex Referees