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Wee Bear Soccer Ages 2-6

Spring Wee Bear Dates

North (Sat) South (Tues)
April 14 April 18
April 21 April 25
April 28 May 2
May 5 May 9
May 12 May 16
May 19 May 30

Winter Wee Bear Preschool/Cubs/Enrichment Dates & Times

  North OR South
Preschool (2-3 yrs old) 8:00am 5:00pm
Cubs (4-5 yrs old) 9:00am 6:00pm
Enrichment (5-6 yrs old) 10:00am 5:00pm

Our Wee Bear program is offered for kids as young as 2 years old, year-round. We’ve created a fun, exciting, and professional development program that helps to educate young soccer players and seeks to develop their skills at an early age. The Wee Bear program is broken up into three stages:

Stage 1: Wee Bear Preschool (Ages 2-3)

Youngsters enhance motor and social skills within a sports environment. Preschool sessions require parent participation to help motivate and foster better parent/child relationships.

Stage 2: Wee Bear Cubs (Ages 4-5)

Cubs are introduced to the game of soccer at a very basic level. While not required, we believe parent involvement will help each child get the necessary attention to develop basic game skills and ideas.

Stage 3: Wee Bear Enrichment (Ages 5-6)

The enrichment program offers 45 minutes of instructional training and 15 minutes of functional game time with an emphasis on fun. This section is designed to further develop the budding soccer player.

Program Schedule

  • Session dates & lengths are listed below.
  • Wee Bears meet on Tuesday evenings (Plex South program) and Saturday mornings (Plex North program).
    • ​Summer sessions meet Monday evenings at The Plex North and Thursday evenings at The Plex South.

Wee Bear Requirements

All it takes to get your child signed up and ready to play is a short list of league requirements:

  • Signed Annual Waiver
  • Purchase of a $10 league T-shirt (Optional, can be purchased at The Summit City Soccer shop)
  • Full payment at registration

Sibling Discounts Available

The Plex offers a sibling discount of 50% off to the 3rd child from the same family.

  • All three children must be registered for the same session (Fall, Winter 1, etc.).
  • Discount may be applied to United Cadets, Wee Bears, DFL Flag Football, Plex All-Stars.
  • 50% off discount given to lowest priced program
  • Must register in person to receive the discount, no discounts will be applied to online registrations.

Wee Bear Information & Registration

To sign your child up for an upcoming Wee Bear program, complete the registration form for one of the programs listed below. Clicking on each program will give you information such as days, price, etc.

Note: The Wee Bear program is designed to take place at either the North or South location, so pay close attention to the location in which you sign up.

Wee Bear Preschool Ages 2-3

Session Length Price
Fall (9/3/19-10/12/19) 6 Weeks $70
Winter 1 (10/26/19-11/19/19) 4 Weeks $45
Winter 2 (11/23/19-12/17/19) 4 Weeks $45
Winter 3 (12/21/19 -1/28/20) 4 Weeks $45
Winter 4 (2/1/20 -2/25/20) 4 Weeks $45
Winter 5 (2/29/20 -3/24/20) 4 Weeks $45
Spring (4/14/20-5/30/20) 6 Weeks $70
Summer 1 (6/8/20-7/16/20) 6 Weeks $70
Summer 2 (7/27/20-9/3/20) 6 Weeks $70

Wee Bear Cubs Ages 4-5

Session Length Price
Fall (9/3/19-10/12/19) 6 Weeks $80
Winter 1 (10/26/19-11/19/19) 4 Weeks $50
Winter 2 (11/23/19-12/17/19) 4 Weeks $50
Winter 3 (12/21/19 -1/28/20) 4 Weeks $50
Winter 4 (2/1/20 -2/25/20) 4 Weeks $50
Winter 5 (2/29/20 -3/24/20) 4 Weeks $50
Spring (4/14/20-5/30/20) 6 Weeks $80
Summer 1 (6/8/20-7/16/20) 6 Weeks $80
Summer 2 (7/27/20-9/3/20) 6 Weeks $80

Wee Bear Enrichment Ages 5-6

Session Length Price
Fall (9/3/19-10/12/19) 6 Weeks $85
Winter 1 (10/29/19-12/7/19) 6 Weeks $85
Winter 2 (12/21/19-2/11/20) 6 Weeks $85
Winter 3 (2/15/20 -3/24/20) 6 Weeks $85
Spring (4/14/20-5/30/20) 6 Weeks $85
Summer 1 (6/8/20-7/16/20) 6 Weeks $85
Summer 2 (7/27/20-9/3/20) 6 Weeks $85

What Parents Are Saying...

“My son and daughter have attended the Wee Bear and Cadet programs for several years. I can not say enough positive things about each of the programs. Both of my children have progressed so quickly. My children have a smile on their face every time we are at The Plex, and as their parent that reassures me that I made the best decision to put them in these programs.”

"I am absolutely amazed by your program! We were afraid to put her in a league that takes kids, puts them on a field, and lets them chase a ball around. We wanted her to learn the fundamentals behind the game. Your program provides a fun learning environment packed full of encouragement. Did I mention it is FUN?!"


Amber Daane

Wee Bear Director

Phone: 260.496.9999, ext. 532