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Youth Team Leagues


This league is designed for full team registrations. Full teams are between 5 and 12 players. Teams will pay a team fee to participate in a 10-week league against other pre-organized teams. All players are required to have a yearly Plex membership that cost $10 per year per player.

Individuals who do not have a team should sign up for our DFL Skills Academy.

Team League Format: 5V5

Duration: 10-week league (9 league games and playoffs)

Division Age Groups:

Ages 6-8
Ages 9-10
Ages 11-12
Ages 13-14

* Players must be the age of the division on the first game day to qualify to play. If the league starts on Oct 27th and John is 10 on the 27th but turns 11 on the 28th he is allowed to play in the 9-10 age division 

Days: Saturday, with a secondary overflow day being Sundays after noon.

Estimated times: 7am-7pm (Younger ages usually are scheduled in the early time slots)

  • All teams must provide their own matching jerseys.
  • Only 2 coaches are allowed on the bench at each game
  • All league rosters will be frozen after the team’s third game. It is the team representative’s responsibility to get all players' names on the roster.
  • All players must have a valid Plex membership card to play.
  • All players must sign an annual waiver.
  • Playoffs are the last week of each session and are 1/2 the game times.
  • No cleats are allowed on the turf.
  • A $200 deposit is due at the time of registration, and the remaining balance is due by the first game.


Youth League Registration

If you have a team that is ready to join an upcoming Youth flag football league, complete the registration form by clicking the "Register Online" button to the right of the page.

Winter 1 2019 Session: October 26 - January 4
Registration Deadline: October 14

Winter 2 2020 Session: January 18 - March 21
Registration Deadline: January 6

Spring 2020 Session: May 3 - June 28
Registration Deadline: April 24

Contact the Director

Christine Knecht


Phone: 260.496.9999, ext. 307